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Vegan Mac and Cheese

A vegan take on a classic comfort food! INGREDIENTSCashews, soaked Veggie stock powderNutritional Yeast CarrotPotatoOnionMacaroni Pasta METHOD 1. Prepare veggie stock. 2. Use prepared stock to boil potato, onion and carrot. 3. Blend the soaked cashews, nutritional yeast, veggie stock powder and veggies in a food processor. Add stock until desired consistency is achieved. 4. Prepare macaroni according to packet instructions. 5. Add 'cheese' sauce to the cooked macaroni

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Lentil Bolognese

A cheap and easy take on a family favourite! This meal takes about 10 minutes to make and costs roughly $1 a serve!   INGREDIENTS Tinned Lentils OnionShredded carrotTinned Corn Pasta Sauce Spaghetti METHOD 1. Fry the onion & shredded carrot2. Add lentils, fry until soft3. Add tinned corn, pasta sauce4. Cook pasta according to packet directions5. Serve  Featuring the Bento Glass Snack Prep Container 

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Easy Vegan Minestrone

At roughly $1.50 a serve, this warming soup is both hearty and healthy!  Vegetable Stock  Pasta Sauce  Onion Veggies (your choice)  Macaroni pasta  Potatoes Salad or croutons, to serve Fry onions, set aside Bring stock & pasta sauce to the boil. Add pasta and potatoes When pasta/potatoes are about 70% cooked, add your veggies and simmer until soft. Featuring the Bento Glass Snack Prep Container   

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