How to Keep Healthy Food Fresh and Safer with Eco Meal Prep

Guest blog by: Active + Nourished

We take so much time and effort to prepare and cook healthy meals for our families. But it’s just as important to ensure this food is kept fresh and stored safely by minimising chemical leaching to ensure its integrity. One of the biggest risks to this is the use of plastic storage containers, especially when reheating and with use over time. Eco Meal Prep offers premium glass and stainless steel food storage solutions for safer storage of your food.

How to keep food safe and toxin free with Eco Meal Prep!


Why is plastic food storage such a risk?

I have recently been introduced to Eco Meal Prep. Eco Meal Prep is an Australian company with a focus on addressing the growing concern of plastic chemicals leaching into food.

The company was formed after conducting research about this concern, when they discovered what was a life-changing article for them. Plastic containers, even the ones marked as BPA-free, contain harmful chemicals that can leach into food that may lead to serious health issues.

Safer Food Storage with Eco Meal Prep

From this, Eco Meal Prep™ was born. Their product focus is on affordable and optimal sized containers for meal prep. They are also reusable, recyclable, and most importantly minimal in plastic.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the dangers of using plastic and assist others in their journey of realising their health potential, by providing the best quality food storage products made with minimal plastic.

Endorsed by Nourished Life

In fact, Nourished Life, also known as one of the strictest toxin-free stores, has recently announced that it has just switch stockists to Eco Meal Prep as its preferred more affordable alternative for stainless steel lunch boxes.

Source: Nourished Life

Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit Review

The Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit is a great package to get started with your safer food containers.

As pictured in the photo below, the Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 x 900ml Glass meal prep containers
  • 725ml Glass meal prep container
  • Premium Stainless Steel Protein shaker
  • Stainless steel snack container

How to Keep Healthy Food Fresh and Safer with Eco Meal Prep

I have found the Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit so useful!

Storage Containers

The two 900ml Glass meal prep containers are great for food storage for any purpose. Below I have used them for my girls to take to school for lunch. I simply packed dinner leftovers of baked sweet potato & sesame falafels with marinated cauliflower and chilli quinoa, all yummy dishes from the Deliciously Ella with Friends cookbook. And the lids are also much easier to use and secure than some other brands I have used with similar clip tops.

The smaller 750ml glass container and stainless steel snack container are good sizes for fruit and veggie sticks, other healthy snacks and also for food storage for those with smaller appetites.

The glass containers are readily stackable in the fridge and all are also easy to clean.

How to Keep Healthy Food Fresh and Safer with Eco Meal Prep


Protein Shaker

The stainless steel protein shaker is quite unique in that it comprises three main parts. There is a screw-on supplement storage compartment at the bottom, the body of the shaker, and a pop-open lid with a built-in agitator for easy mixing. It is made from single-walled stainless steel body to keep your drinks cool and without residual residue and smells.

Source: Eco Meal Prep


Of course, this makes it ideal for those who use protein shakes after training.

For us, it’s super handy for early morning training where a delicious smoothie can be pre-prepped and kept in the fridge or cooler bag. Your muesli can be added later from the storage compartment, keeping it fresh and crisp instead of going soggy.

How to Keep Healthy Food Fresh and Safer with Eco Meal Prep

After reading so much into the potential effects of plastic containers, I have been moving my family to glass and stainless steel containers for food storage. Sometimes the thought that it’s OK because everybody does it, doesn’t necessarily make it the right option. And even though the plastic options appear cheaper up front, glass and stainless steel storage is reusable and therefore economic in the long run.

If you are looking to transition slowly, I would prioritise with those containers where food is hot when packed or where it needs to be reheated in the container. This is where the highest risk of plastic leaching appears to be the greatest.

Not only is glass and stainless steel better for your family’s health, but it’s also eco-friendly. The Eco Meal Prep products are a fantastic addition to my kitchen with daily use and are also better for the environment.

The Eco Meal Prep Range

There are other items in the Eco Meal Prep™ range. Products on offer include:

  • Stainless Steel Series – lunchboxes, snack containers and also a premium protein shaker
  • Premium Glass Series – in both 900ml and also 750ml sizes.
  • Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit – This includes: (as reviewed above)
    • 2 x 900ml Glass meal prep containers
    • 725ml Glass meal prep container
    • Premium Stainless Steel Protein shaker
    • Stainless steel snack container

Click here to view all items on offer, including current sale items.

Eco Meal Prep also offers FREE standard shipping Australia Wide.

Disclaimer: Active + Nourished received an Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit complimentary from Eco Meal Prep and was sponsored for this review. All comments expressed are my own views. For further information please refer to our Disclosure Policy. Active + Nourished is also a Biome Eco Stores and Nourished Life affiliate. This means that if you choose to purchase through these links we will receive a small commission from the sale. There is no extra cost to you. This will assist in the development and maintenance of the Active + Nourished website.

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