Eco Meal Prep Buyer's Guide

We want to help you make the best use of your time so you can spend every minute doing what matters most to you. Regardless of how much of a thrill online browsing gives you, you could be spending time with your kids instead, or working on your business, or even meal prepping.

Our handy Buyer’s Guide will allow you to easily navigate to products that are most suitable to your needs and lifestyle. We don’t need you to spend hours on our website, we only need you to live a better and healthier life.


Eco Meal Prep™ Starter Kit:

Often times, simplicity is beauty. There are so many variations of different products in today’s consumer-centric society, we are often faced with product paralysis. Not everyone has time to scour through countless products to satisfy their needs. We would like to provide some guidance for these customers with our Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit. This kit is everything you need to get started on living a healthy life. If you’re new to meal prep, this starter kit is ideal for you. The Eco Meal Prep Starter Kit includes:
x2 900ml glass meal prep containers
x1 725ml glass meal prep containers
x1 premium stainless steel protein shaker
x1 stainless steel duo snack container

Buy Now for $124.99

Glass Meal Prep Container 725ml:

Our best selling product. This light and portable container has the perfect dimensions to fit in anyone’s work or gym bag, made with guaranteed durability and is effortless to clean. Everyone who takes healthy living seriously needs to replace their plastic containers with one (or many) of these in their life!

buy now for $14.99 or buy 3 and save

Glass Meal Prep Container 900ml:

A slightly larger version of our 725ml glass container, this is for anyone who needs a hearty meal. Perfect for people in the labour workforce, as they expend a lot of energy during the day and need to replenish calories with a satisfying meal. Similar to the 725ml version, this glass container is genuinely BPA-free and 100% environmentally friendly.

Buy now for $19.99 OR buy 3 and save

Premium Protein Shaker:

A protein shake of some sort seems to be in everyone’s diet nowadays, but along with that comes the nasty stench of a poorly washed shaker. Seriously, the smell from 90% of shakers is enough to kill pets. Our premium protein shakers are completely odour resistant, built from high quality, food-grade stainless steel. Purchase one of these and never deal with protein shaker smell ever again.

Ever get sick of lugging around a tub of protein? This shaker also comes with a storage compartment and a built-in agitator for efficient mixing. If you’re a regular gym-goer, this needs to be a staple in your gym bag.

buy now for $44.99

Stainless Steel Duo Snack Container:

If you’ve ever had to deal with an unpleasant flavour due to multiple meals/snacks mixing, then you need one of these. Our stainless steel duo snack container features two compartments, giving you double the variety. Staying true to our vision, these compartments are designed for optimal portion control, as we understand how hard it is to stay away from the snacks.

This lightweight container is perfect to bring along to outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and picnics. They also come in a singular compartment version which are perfectly sized for sandwiches.

buy now from $29.99

Stainless Steel Lunchbox:

If you prefer cold meals such as sushi, sandwiches or wraps, choose our stainless steel lunchbox as it features large storage capacity up to 840ml and offers the same environmentally friendly quality as our staple glass containers. Portable, durable and sustainable but zero plastic! A must buy.
Don't spend hours to picking the most optimal meal prep container or protein shaker. There are much more important things in life to spend your time on, such as exercising and spending time with your loved ones. This buyer's guide aims to provide a clear direction of the products most suited to your meal prep style. Let us know if we are missing a product you'd like to see!

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